Carsten Holler Turns Hayward Gallery into a Sophisticated Playground

 - Apr 1, 2015
References: southbankcentre & itsnicethat
German artist Carsten Holler will be encouraging art enthusiasts to channel their inner child at his latest exhibit. Those visiting Hayward Gallery this summer will be treated to a number of classic playground installations -- given his own unique spin, of course. From slides as entrances and exits to a large carnival swing set and more, Carsten Holler spares no imaginative expense for his fans.

Based on how people interact with not only the installations, but their inner voice as well, the title of Carsten Holler's show states, "Visitors will constantly need to reflect on the choices and decisions they make, beginning with how they enter the gallery: two separate entrances will be available, each providing a different route through the first part of the exhibition."