Carlijn Jacobs Artfully Lensed Two Male Muses for F*cking Young!

A photographer and creative director, Carlijn Jacobs looks to expose peculiar elements in her work, rather than striving for a feeling of total perfection that can often make images much less interesting.

In an exclusive for 'F*cking Young! Online,' Carlijn Jacobs captured Siebe from the 'Brooks Modeling Agency,' as well as Denis from 'Elvis Models.' The two men were styled by the talented Imruh Asha and their makeup was done by Suzanne van Schie.

In a variety of different shots, Siebe and Denis are shown leaning casually on one another as they wear matching outfits -- sometimes even sharing a single article of clothing. In order to add to the surreal look of the editorial, Carlijn Jacobs uses a black and white filter to highlight the clothing from the 'etq store.'

Image Credit: Carlijn Jacobs