These Carl D'Alvia Sculptures are Stunningly Surreal

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: dalvia & beautifuldecay
Don't let these surreal sculptures by artist Carl D'Alvia fool you, as they are anything but soft an furry.

Carl D'Alvia creates highly unusual and unique sculptures of both surreal and real subjects. These figures are created out of ceramic and bronze and give the impression of being hairy. They almost resemble a shag rug, and are even splashed in bright and bold colors. These intriguing sculptures are seriously solid; they would make an interesting addition to office buildings and contemporary households.

Carl D'Alvia stuns his audiences with abstract sculptures that are "surreally" surreal.

Implications - Consumers are desperate to have their households and workplaces reflect their individual personalities. For this reason, they seek products and pieces that are highly unique for their atypical designs and materials. Companies can create products with these qualities to appeal to creative consumer groups.