The ‘Cargonaut' Humanoid Robot Is A Personal Flying Courier

 - Apr 1, 2009
References: & dvice
Revolutionizing the urban courier services, designer Matthias Schmiedbauer envisions a future where people are relieved of their heavy loads by the courteous Cargonaut, a humanoid flying robot that takes cargo to the skies.

The alien-looking robo-copter aspires to be the modern carrier pigeon, but with super enhanced capabilities. Apart from zooming above traffic, the sleek flying robot can carry and deliver parcels, heavy luggage and even shopping bags straight to the destination of your choice. Its functional humanoid design incorporates curvy helicopter blades and a pair of robotic arms that attach easily on cargo packages.

In heavily congested and highly polluted cities, the ultra-modern Cargonaut will relieve dwellers from unnecessary transits and will probably bring us one step closer to seeing the sci-fi flying cars. After all, ground and underground are now saturated; there is no other way but up.