Dr. Marcus' Car Fragrance Dispenser Makes Autos Look and Smell Better

 - Nov 21, 2014
References: dr-marcus
The Flower car fragrance dispenser from Dr. Marcus was specifically designed with women in mind. The look and shape of the Flower is almost like a perfume bottle, since it comes in a delicate glass container and rather than taking the form of an air freshener that hangs from the interior mirror, the Flower clips onto the car's ventilation grid. When there's air flowing from the car's ventilation system, this placement of the car air freshener causes the petals of the flower to rotate like a fan.

The fragrant air freshener promises to last just over a month, with refills available once all of the perfume of France has been used up. Instead of putting something unsightly in your car, this is a car fragrance dispenser that's pleasing to multiple senses.