Tidy Dog Presents its New Device That Teaches Pets to Be Cleaner

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: gizmag & gizmodo
This conducive canine treat dispenser will teach your dog how to clean up after themselves -- a moment every pet owner has been waiting for. The Tidy Dog teaches your pet to clean up after itself in an efficient manner. Every time your dog cleans up a toy and puts it in the box, a treat is automatically dispensed and delivered to them. This is based on your dog’s ability to learn, and though some dogs aren’t smart enough to use this concept, there is a built-in sensor that senses movement if the dog is attempting to put the toy away, and they still get a treat.

The bin also consists of a built-in timer that prevents your dog from simply picking up a toy, only to immediately drop it and get another treat.

Do you want to do less work around the house when it comes to cleaning up after your pets? Get the Tidy Dog, and teach your pet to clean up after itself and get a reward.