Camilla Engman's Art Dampens Lighthearted Affairs

 - Jun 14, 2011
References: camillaengman & booooooom
Camilla Engman's paintings evoke an impressionistic aesthetic, only her subjects seem to be characters straight out of a beautiful, dark twisted fantasy. Each illustration features people with obscured or sinister-looking faces and it's as though viewers interrupted a scene they should not have walked in on.

What do I mean exactly? Just look at the first image in the gallery, which features a hooded man who appears to be pursued by three odd looking characters. Weird enough, right? Well not for Camilla Engman because she also had to put the three pursuers on the back of a fully grown tiger. Then there are girls with no faces, a group of people boating in the middle of the forest, and an alien figure conversing with a little girl in the woods. It's oddity at its finest.