This Subterranean Camera Obscura Brings Back the Old Device

 - May 26, 2016
References: heinrichpalmer & thisiscolossal
Designed by Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer, this camera obscura captures the countryside in Hadleigh Country Park in England.

The camera obscura was placed in this location due to the designers' awe when they saw the beautiful scenery surrounding the area. It is placed on a small hill and can seat approximately five people. Once the door of the camera obscura is closed, people seated inside can see a projected upside down image of the views outside. The small structure uses light and a camera-like lens in the door to capture this image. With the view of water and moving ships in the distance, the live image does not just capture static hillsides.

The camera obscura is a very old device and is not commonly used now -- although it inspired the invention of the camera. This aged medium is brought back on these English countryside hills for what is a very unique experience in the 21st century.