Calvino Inman Cries Real Blood, Has Doctors Baffled & Blogosphere Mystified

 - Sep 3, 2009
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A freaky-but-real condition we’re calling ‘vampire tears’ is affecting 15-year-old Calvino Inman. When he gets emotional, he cries. And when he cries, out come tears of blood. With all the hype around "Twilight" and "True Blood," this condition has potential to go viral.

Calvino Inman claims that the tears don’t really hurt that much, but they do sometimes burn. After visiting several specialists and undergoing MRIs, cat scans and ultrasounds, Calvino Inman's doctors are still unable to come up with an answer, aside from Haemolacria--which literally means "bloody tears." It’s great that his doctors are so bloody observant.

Calvino Inman’s condition isn’t the first. An Indian girl named Rashida Khatoon was discovered back in April as a bloody tear-shedder. Unlike Calvino Inman, however, who has been a target for bullying at school, Khatoon was pronounced a miracle by Hindu holy men.