These Images by Michael Ward Feature Streets & Signs of California

 - Sep 24, 2015
These artistic California paintings by Michael Ward display his passion and are an homage to the state's street culture and tropical landscapes. The use vibrant colors and realistic depiction of the sun-bathing streets provides a retro and realistic perspective of California.

All of the artist's paintings were inspired by the art of Edward Hopper. The feelings of bliss, warmth and happiness are woven into each painting through the use of location-honoring imagery. Each brush stroke seeks to unveil the hidden treasures that can be overlooked within busy city streets.

The focus of these California paintings is on urbanization and community relations. The state's retro markets, old-school cars, flamboyant signage and divine patio diners come to life. Each image evokes feelings of nostalgia and is reflective of the region's warm and pleasant weather.