Caffè Nero is the First UK Chain to Offer Straight-Through Payment

Caffè Nero has made its first move into the world of mobile payment and loyalty after partnering with the UK's leading mobile wallet brand, 'Yoyo Wallet.'

The European style coffee house aims to ring in the digital age by offering the mobile method of payment in its 600 locations throughout the UK and Ireland. According to a Nero survey, over 87 million paper-based loyalty cards were lost last year alone resulting in 500,000 un-redeemed coffees. The new Nero app will tackle this issue by serving as the first coffee app to go beyond simple 'top-up' style cards, offering "straight-through payment, automated loyalty stamp collection and digital receipts -- in one quick scan."

The YoYo partnership will help the coffee brand improve its in-store customer experience, allowing Nero to identify customers at the point of sale, while offering valuable insights into individual customer purchasing behaviors.