This Unit Can Wind Your Cables Neatly and Keep Them Secure

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: imtidy.wordpress & kickstarter
These ‘Tidy’ cable winders were designed to neatly hold your charging cables in place. After incorporating a vertical clip to hold the lightening cable adapter, this neat little unit has the ability to wind your cable when charging on the wall. It can be used for offices, shared houses or couple’s bedrooms as the perfect way to prevent tangled cables. They come in different vibrant colors that look quite appealing and discrete on your wall.

Now there’s no need to have cables hanging all over the place when you can have it instantly wrapped. These ‘Tiny’ cables winders are compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and other USB enabled plugs that can connect with the wall adapter. There’s no better way to keep your cables neat and tidy from obstructing your power outlets.