's App Makes Buying Glasses Online Easier & Trustworthy

 - Jun 27, 2018
References: glassesusa
The act of buying glasses online is always filled with a certain uneasiness since consumers do not have the product in their hands. In addition, individuals who need glasses often neglect to go to the eye doctor for their annual check-up. attempts to solve this problem with a new ground-breaking patented technology that fuels its Prescription Scanner application. To conduct the at-home check-up, consumers require their smartphone, a magnetic card, a computer and their glasses. After accessing the website to download the app, individuals are prompted to sync their devices and undergo a process to calibrate sizing and distance. Following are a few voice-guided steps during which the consumer scans the current lenses and then takes a selfie. Everything is explained in detail in the company's tutorial video. The prescription is sent to the e-mail and individuals can comfortably engage with browsing and buying glasses online.