The Bump Food Menu is a Tactile List of Braille-Written Meals

 - Dec 12, 2013
If you were visually impaired, the experience of visiting a restaurant would be a completely different one. The Bump Food Menu serves up some of the freedom and independence that's typically inaccessible in the typical establishment. Instead of requiring a full read-out of the a la carte list or an edited and subjective version of the waitress's own preferences, this textured card is an index of all of the diner's options.

The blind can run their fingertips over the tactile surface, discerning separate items in the dotted braille alphabet. Once all of the choices have been read and considered, the patron can simply press into his desired dish, creating a dimple around that item. With the NANOIN Bump Food Menu, the waiter can match up the indicated meals to place the correct order for eater.