Dartz Created a Gold-Plated Bulletproof Car Seat for Traveling with Kids

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: luxurytrump
This luxurious bulletproof car seat will not only protect children while traveling, it will also ensure a stylish ride because this fancy seat is complete with gold-plating.

Dartz has created this ultra fancy bulletproof car seat with the entire backing made from Kevlar. This material is why the seat is bulletproof. The carbon fiber creates a protective casing that will not allow any damage or rupturing to occur. The car seat is complete with gold stitching as well as gold-plated crocodile skin from 'Kolonial Touch.'

With an excessive amount of padding beneath the gold-plated exterior, this car seat is comfortable and will accommodate any nap-needing toddler. However, if the cushioning isn't enough, the car seat is also equipped with massaging capabilities and outlets that will allow Apple products to connect and keep children totally entertained.