These Built-In Bike Lights Eliminate the Fuss of Detachable Reflectors

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: timcrea & tuvie
Everybody should have some form of illuminating accessories on their two-wheelers, so why not integrate them into the frame? The Betri concept features built-in bike lights for a sharp design that's beneficial to the rider in several ways.

Clément Boutillon's idea means that cyclists don't have to trouble themselves with purchasing add-ons for their conveyances, and nor do they have to worry about thieves stealing them. Incorporating LEDs beneath the handlebars and the seat, this bike has fewer parts that would be easily taken when it's locked up outside.

Practically speaking, the notion of built-in bike lights is certainly convenient, but it also makes for a much more streamlined look. Complementing the clean lines of the hydroformed aluminum body, the lamps complete a brilliant pedal-powered vehicle.