The ZappLight Bulb Obliterates Mosquitoes Upon Impact

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: zapplight & gizmag
The ZappLight light bulbs are highly innovative LED light bulbs that, in addition to keeping your environment well lit, are also capable of killing mosquitoes who venture near.

These light bulbs offer 920 lumens for neutral white light for illumination, in addition to a blue UV light that attracts insects. The bulb has an open-sided design which draws mosquitoes and other flying insects nearby before zapping them with the electrified grid once they get inside. Users can enjoy the flexibility of turning the bug-attracting blue light on or off at any given time. The electrified grid is designed to be inaccessible to prying children's fingers.

These bug-zapping bulbs are an intelligent way to battle mosquitoes and other flying insects, with their dual-functional nature making them a smart and elegant product.