Britain's Missing Top Model

 - Mar 5, 2008
References: guardian
Are you sick of reality modeling shows yet? I'm on my way, for sure, but I have to give the BBC props for getting a little bit creative in their casting. For one of their latest shows, they're searching for disabled models for a show called Britain's Missing Top Model.

What a refreshing change. Not only in the model choice, but in the show's intention. Instead of just stuffing several gorgeous girls in a room to watch the hair fly and the cattiness explode like the usual Schadenfreude-geared reality shows, Britain's Missing Top Model actually aims to help eight young, disabled women prove they are just as capable as being a representative of big brands as mainstream fashion models.

The BBC show is being created by Love Productions in an attempt to "challenge the artificial boundaries that seem to exist in the beauty and fashion industries," said BBC3 controller, Danny Cohen.

"It would be great if in the future we began to see more disabled models gracing the covers of the world's magazines."

That's an ambitious goal.

"Our intention is to empower both the women featured in the project and thousands of others, who shouldn't be invisible to the fashion industry just because they are disabled people," said Richard McKerrow, Love's creative director.

"We're also looking to challenge preconceived notions of beauty."

The series is set to aim this summer.

(The photo is from the International Beauties in Motion competition)

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