The Brief Safe is a Place Where Your Money is Safer Than Ever

 - Sep 22, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
'The Brief Safe' is a perfect hiding pace for money, documents, jewelry or any other small valuables that can't be left out in the open.

The white briefs have disgusting excrement stains on them that make sure nobody will put their hands on them. There is a pocket built into the fool-proof underwear that holds the items you need to conceal. If you are traveling, have a money-thieving roommate or are just plain paranoid, these tidy-whiteys are definitely for you.

You can fold up the underwear and pack it into your suitcase or simply leave it out in the open. Few people want to touch dirty underwear and the pocket also keeps everything tucked inside. 'The Brief Safe' allows you to keep your money and valuables by your side where you can feel confident that nothing will be stolen.