The Bridge Shredder Will Chew Up Documents in Any Locale

 - May 26, 2011
References: onetenth1-10 & ohgizmo
If you're a secretive person and need to constantly shred documents, but don't have the luxury of lugging around a conventional paper shredder, then you need to buy yourself a Bridge shredder.

This handy document cutter comes in blue and brown varieties and can be faceted on top of both round and circular garbage cans. It's as easy as placing it atop your waste bucket, making sure it doesn't fall in and then feeding your paper through the device until your papers resemble the inside of a hamster playpen. What convenience! Plus you won't have to worry about finding a power outlet the way you do with other conventional paper shredders since the Bridge shredder works on four AA batteries.

Do yourself a favor though, don't try to make salad with this thing.

Photo Credits: Design Boom