These Brick Shot Glasses Give You Something to Play with While You Drink

 - May 13, 2014
References: thinkgeek & foodiggity
The Brick shot glasses by ThinkGeek creatively give drinkers something to play with between pounding back shots. Inspired by the nostalgic toy brand LEGO, the Brick shot glass lets users customize their own cups by rearranging the technicolor plastic bricks.

While this Brick shot glass looks deceivingly like a brick of LEGO on the outside, on the inside is a cleverly hidden shot glass. As drinkers enjoy themselves at a party, they can be reminded of their favorite childhood toy. Users can build along the side of the glass a cup handle, an abstract construction or even spell their name using the LEGO bricks -- the possibilities really are endless.

Each set of Brick glasses comes with four different colored glasses.