Brian Moss Captures Unexpected Moments of Workout Kings and Queens

Brian Moss, a photographer based in New York City, picked up a camera for the first time since childhood in 1997. Before then, he was the proud owner of Better Bodies Gym, so it is only natural that his chosen subject matter connected with his livelihood. Giving people a glimpse of bodybuilders unlike that which has been portrayed in such documentaries as 'Pumping Iron,' Brian Moss' portfolio is chock full of quirky captures.

From bodybuilders dressed in crazy costumes to child bodybuilders, Brian Moss has captured it all. He reveals, "My images are unguarded, honest and voyeuristic. Whether they capture backstage scenes at the Mr. Olympia or private moments in a hotel room hours before the competitor steps out on stage, these images are imbued with an intimacy that had never been seen before."