The Breath Checker Mini Saves You From Smelly Confrontations

 - Feb 23, 2014
References: global.rakuten & japantrendshop
The only thing worse than having bad breath is not knowing that you have it, but the Breath Checker Mini is like your honest friend who tells you if and when it’s time to freshen up.

This discreet gadget makes it easy for you to test your breath; simply pop the top and blow into the front, and within five seconds the screen will show a rating from 0-6. The higher the number, the worse your breath smells. By detecting the acid-volatile and the carbonate gas through the internal sensor, the Breath Checker can save you from embarrassing situations.

Since it is so small you can carry it around with you everywhere and no one will notice what you’re doing. Next time you’re meeting new people or catching up with friends, have them remember you by your smile and not by bad breath.