The Breakfast Machine Has to Be the Greatest Invention in the World

 - Oct 1, 2009
References: yurisuzuki &
I love breakfast, I love machines, therefore, I love—nay, adore—the Breakfast Machine. I can just picture our happy life together. Some days there will be omelets, other days just toast and jam, but for those special days I can expect the whole kit and kaboodle with orange juice on the side. It’ll be the perfect relationship!

Unfortunately, this sexy Breakfast Machine beast is based in Amsterdam, and I’m positive a long-distance relationship will be harmful to those delicious goods. I guess only the creators, Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura, and other Amsterdam natives will be able to enjoy the bountiful food love the Breakfast Machine has to offer.

After browsing through the gallery, check out the video. Although it’s in Dutch, you’ll be able to see the Breakfast Machine in action.