The Branto Orb is a High-Definition Home-Monitoring Device

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The Branto Orb is a high-tech home-surveillance camera that resembles a small circular robot. This advanced camera provides a 360-degree view of each user's home with a 24-hour HD recording camera.

Branto is a wireless device that can be connected to other smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. It can also connect directly to security systems within the house. The app-connected camera allows a full view of the user's house and provides immediate updates and notifications directly through the app.

Users have the control to move and adjust the camera from any remote location. The panoramic view will provide consumers with a sense of safety at all times. Outside of the house, this device can be used for video-conferencing or streaming audio such as music through the use of its high-quality speakers.