The Brain Stress Ball Provides a Way to Destress in the Office

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: youtube & thinkgeek
The Brain Stress Ball is a quirky accoutrement for your desk that's a handy stress reliever and a conversation starter. The ball is made to be tossed at and stick to a flat surface. The ball then slowly falls downwards as the sticky material wears off. Its compact size means that it will not be competing for space with your family photos and favorite mug from your trip to Cabo San Lucas.

The product demonstration for the Brain Stress Ball in the video is a hilarious scenario between an employee and his boss. When the boss asks for some spreadsheets, the employee proceeds to faux-sneeze out the Brain Stress Ball onto his desktop computer, a scene which is sure to induce a few laughs from the viewing audience. This novelty purchase will certainly add some personality to your workspace. Reward all your hard work with a little frivolity.