Beyoncify My Boyfriend is an Ode to Heartbreak and Beyonce

Beyonce has created anthem after anthem for women around the world and now this boyfriend-replaced photo blog shows just how much she has helped in the love department. Dubbed 'Beyoncify My Boyfriend,' it shows all the photos of 19 year old Torontonian Cassandra posing alongside poorly photoshopped images of Queen B. Yet the quality is besides the point, she has regained her strength and independence with the help of her very famous pal.

The boyfriend-replaced photo blog is essentially a tribute to heartbreak as well as Beyonce. It reads, "Breakups suck. You know what makes them easier? Reimagining your happiest times together with none other than Queen B." Although her ex is far from pleased, she is now taking requests to Beyoncify other boyfriends.