The Borka Duct Tape Christmas Tree Offers Cheap and Cheerful Xmas Decor

 - Jan 8, 2012
The annual tradition of cutting down perfectly healthy pines and firs is becoming ever environmentally concerning as an enormous demand for their disposable use grows every year. Because of this, the Borka Duct Tape Christmas Tree suggests a new type of Tannenbaum with a much smaller ecological footprint.

Dragana Iles and Kristina Ivancic of Kartel produced this imaginative product for Christmas Tree Superstore, suggesting the conception of faux holiday decorum that does not pretend to be a genuine plant in the way that common fake Christmas trees do.

The Borka Duct Tape Christmas Tree comes in the form of a roll of adhesive ribbon, complete with a few instructions for its use in producing the outline of a pine or in wrapping presents. A scratchy green pattern runs along the course of the white-tinted tape, allowing you to cut off boughs and branches to assemble your own garlands and arboreal ornaments on the wall.