Bopo Concrete Jewelry is the Ultimate in Wearable Industrial Style

 - Dec 6, 2012
Metals have long been worn by people as fashionable adornments but it's a bit surprising to see Bopo Concrete Jewelry given several preconceptions. Steel might be used in both construction and corporeal embellishment, but rarely is the bulky and lusterless cement mixture found in objects intended to beautify.

Nevertheless, Otto Polefko and Balazs Botos designed a pair of hefty necklaces that have been sculpted with uncharacteristically smooth and sinuous lines and contours. They come to resemble naturally rounded river rocks that have been carved with simple yet exquisite details. Appropriately matched with the heavy and stony pieces are leather cords for fixing them on.

In addition to a cuff and the two pendants, the Bopo Concrete Jewelry collection includes a functional electronic earbud unit. The series was entered into the Ivanka Concrete Design Awards in 2011.