Boots & Saddles by Mark Segal has a Dark and Divine Disposition

Horses are often granted with an ethereal grace, and Boots & Saddles by Mark Segal captures the exquisite beauty of the beast, the rider and her attire. Matching the bewitching black mare, model Bianca Balti shows off her finer features too.

A playful cuddle with the creature reveals the subject's sculpted legs, and her whimsical horse ear headdress. In the stables, Bianca transforms into an elegant animal with a white woven dress and a spiky spine of blonde hair.

Otherwise adorning apparel fit for a fashionable jockey, the model flaunts black leather chaps, draped Western dresses and structured vests over lace blouses. Emphasizing the magnificence of woman and mare, Boots & Saddles by Mark Segal is the English saddle of style.