Dollar Shave Club Shows How Ridiculous Marketing to Men Can Be

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: ca.dollarshaveclub & adweek
A company that's based In Venice, California, which delivers products to consumers in a low-cost and efficient manner, the Dollar Shave Club arms itself again big-name chain brands who often resort to absurd marketing techniques -- at least that's what's eluded to in the Dollar Shave Club's body wash ads.

In one of commercial, titled 'Massive Hero,' it shows a couple shopping for a new soap. They come across one that has overtly masculine branding, with a powerful red bottle and the silhouette of a highly muscled man on its label.

As the couple considers it, a man in a beanie shoves through them to grab a bottle for himself. He then proceeds to flex a massive vein-covered arm at them, take his shirt off and scream. By showing the kind of man that the product builds up, Dollar Shave Club's body wash ad shows how over the top branding is on some products and urges men to not succumb to the claims that they often make in order to get them to buy it.