Jordan Molin's Body Art Designs Simulate Violent Scenes Taken from Horror

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: facebook & designtaxi
Jordan Molin, otherwise known as 'TutoDraw,' is a 19-year-old French artist whose body paint designs create special effects that are gut-wrenching to look at.

His 'Horrific Bite' work shows large chunks missing out of a human hand, with the flesh exposed and human-like teeth marks making it all the more disturbing. Jordan Molin also includes a tutorial that shows viewers how to achieve his body art designs for themselves.

In it, the artist outlines the bite marks with a brown pencil and then covers the area in black, giving the hand the illusion that it's missing pieces when put up against a background of the same shade. Jordan Molin adds to the 3D effect of the piece by tracing over the hand in white, creating teeth marks. He continues by adding red and brown to get the right flesh color and then shading in select parts of the palm to give a bruised look.