The BMB Interface Could Lead to a New Digital Reality

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: nature & io9
As an avid follower of Singularity themed news, I can comfortably declare that I’ve never paid such close attention to a tech development as with the BMB Interface! The device has been successfully tested on human's genetic relatives and promises to propel humanity into a world where ‘reality’ is ubiquitously questioned.

But let’s back up: The BMB (Brain-Machine-Brain) Interface is a bi-directional chip that, when implanted into one’s brain, will allow you to not only manipulate virtual objects, but feel them as well! In a test conducted by the Duke University researchers behind the BMBI, ‘upgraded’ lab chimps were tasked with sorting virtual objects by texture. Using their minds exclusively, the chimpanzees controlled virtual avatars and felt the objects one-by-one, eventually organizing them from smoothest to roughest. Allow me to stress this detail: These objects only exist in a virtual environment…on a computer. This technology only serves to advance prosthesis and will help quadrapalegics eventually feel their environment. But for now, I’m happy imagining the tactile holodecks the BMB Interface will lead to!