The BloOp Video Game Characters are Super and Simplistic

The BloOp video game characters are as simple as simple can get. The first time around, BloOp broke down superheros and now, he has moved on to different subjects. The beloved characters of movies, television and video games have been wiped down by BloOp, resulting in cartoon mugshots of the most basic kind.

The outlined faces of these iconic characters are much more mysteriousness now that they have had many of their features removed. The upward eyes of Sonic the Hedgehog look devious now that they have been reduced to white holes and the rimmed glasses of Harry Potter hold nothing but secrecy behind them. The arrow on top of Avatar the Last Airbender blends in with the blue background somehow, making it seem like Avatar is more powerful than ever before.

The BloOp video game characters are basic, yet more powerful for it.