The Bloom Aquatic Farm Makes Oxygen and Revives Ocean Dead Zones

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: sitbonarchitectes & tuvie
The Bloom Aquatic Farm was designed for a much wetter world than the one we currently live in. Sitbon Architectes designed this floating farm as both a research facility and as a way to oxygenate ocean "dead zones." The idea is that CO2 from the air could be absorbed by the upper levels of the biome with phytoplankton filtering it out and releasing oxygen both into the air and into "dead zones" in the ocean below.

The result is a structure that could both clean the air and inject life-giving oxygen into oceans, streams, lakes etc. The structure wouldn't be designed as a living space, although it would be able to house the scientists who operate it. Sitbon Architectes imagines the Bloom Aquatic Farm first rolling out in the Indian Ocean where water levels are expected to rise substantially in the coming years.