The Block Memo by Nendo Looks Like an Optical Illusion

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
Even in a day and age where everything can be recorded with ease digitally, there's always room to use Post-It Notes, so it comes as no surprise that Japanese design studio Nendo has decided to put their own artistic twist on it via the Block Memo. A design that looks more like an optical illusion sculpture than sticky notes, it is a three-sided object that can be peeled from side.

What contributes to the shift in perspective is the fact that the Block Memo is made up of different types of stickies. Fast Co Design explains, "One face is taken up by large, square notes; on an adjoining side, half of this area is made up of medium sticky rectangles. On a third side, half of this area is devoted to even smaller sticky notes."