Blizzident's 3D-Printed Device Makes It Possible to Floss with a Bite

 - Nov 7, 2017
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Dental 3D printing company Blizzident previously introduced a mouthpiece that promises to clean the mouth in its entirety in just a matter of seconds. While this device serves as a futuristic toothbrush replacement, Blizzident is now exploring new ways for consumers to floss with a new 3D-printed mouthpiece.

The '3D-Flosser' promises to make it possible for consumers to floss each and every one of their teeth "with just one bite." Each mouthpiece is tailor-made to a user's mouth, so that when they bite down, pieces of dental floss are inserted between each gap.

The design of the 3D-Flosser is shaped in such a way that prevents the floss from being bitten too much, precisely targeting the region between the gums and teeth that dentists recommend paying attention to.