Blake and Drain Show the Power of Teamwork in this Jordan Ad

 - Aug 9, 2013
References: jordan & kastormag
Playing on the heartstrings of anyone who has a love of sport and teamwork, the 'Blake and Drain' commercial for the Jordan Super.Fly 2 sneaker features professional basketball player Blake Griffin along with the unlikely two-guard D'arryl Drain.

Skeptical at first, the team lets the goggle-wearing nerd in on the game, even though his shots never quite make it into the net. Quickly, they realize that whenever he shoots, Griffin is in the perfect position to snatch the ball mid-air and dunk it into the net, a team effort that makes the duo unstoppable. All the while, Drain thinks its all due to his natural-born talents.

Hilarious and heartwarming, the 'Blake and Drain' commercial captures the feel-good nature of a pickup game.