The Black Tie Beach 2012 Event is Hilarious and Unconventional

The Black Tie Beach 2012 event hosted by Improv Everywhere is a fascinatingly formal event upcoming in New York by the group. The third annual event requires participants to dress up in their most formal duds and hit the beach without care or caution.

The video from last year's event features some awesome footage of people frolicking on the beach in some highly formal garb. Since it's just a tad out of the ordinary, the facial expressions of onlookers are particularly priceless.

To host your own, you can sign up or participate at the already organized New York City NY, Bloomington IN, Edmonds WA, Harrisburg PA, Los Angeles CA, Manitowoc WI, Minneapolis MN and Santa Cruz CA events.

The event description includes a blurb about "acting like it is perfectly normal dress for the beach," meaning participants better be down for having fun with it.