SiOnyx' Light Harnessing Breakthrough

 - Oct 15, 2008
References: sionyx & nytimes
The ability to cost-effectively and efficiently harness light is essential to communication, digital imaging, solar energy, chemical detection and automation. The impending commercialization of Black Silicon by SiOnyx promises to revolutionize these fields.

Originally developed by researchers at Harvard, black silicon is formed by bombarding a silicon surface with intense, short bursts of laser light in the presence of a sulphur containing gas. This results in a surface made up of microscopic spikes that absorbs light extremely efficiently. Oh...and it also turns the absorbed light into electrical energy.

Another key advantage is that this material can be manufactured using existing processes so the cost of implementation is not a barrier to bringing this technology to market.

Where will this new technology be used first? Based upon the Sionyx website and the natural fit of using this sensor in low-light applications, look for this to be used in night-vision devices.