This Blaanc Borderless Architecture Structure is a Great Community Space

 - Feb 23, 2011   Updated: May 9 2011
References: blaanc & archdaily
The rural community San Pedro Apóstol, Mexico is about to be home to a fantastic sports center thanks to this great design by Blaanc Borderless Architecture.

What is remarkable about the Blaanc Borderless Architecture project is that it is more than just a sports complex made from locally sourced labor and materials. In fact, it will also be home to recycling centers and vegetable gardens, which will help bring the community closer together even after the construction itself stops.

Implications - Architecture has always been about design aesthetic and structure, but now the idea of eco has been integrated into the blueprint as well. Realizing that there's little space left in large urban areas, many companies are shifting towards greener areas and have also integrated greener material to build the space. Instead of finding that perfect spot in the city, perhaps it's time for architects and companies to think about moving towards more rural areas for environmental purposes.