Bite Smart Packaging Features a Scrumptious Visual Medley

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
There's a lot going on in Bite Smart packaging, but it isn't the sort of visual identity scheme that would overwhelm the consumer. What it does succeed to do is to express some excitement surrounding this marvelous range of products, using a couple of techniques that say a great deal about its contents.

To begin, Boxer & Co.'s choice of the brown card box flags it as a natural product. You'll see plenty of healthy, organic and often eco-friendly items wrapped up in this earthy material. Bite Smart is, after all, appropriately proud of its high quality and nutritious ingredients.

However, you can't ignore the illustrations, the hand-drawn text and the photographic collage techniques covering Bite Smart packaging. The color, visual variety and the controlled chaos of the text exudes energy and an elevated mood for those who consume these wholesome treats.