Emilie van Spronsen's H5N8 Series is Made From Bird Flu-Diagnosed Chickens

Designer Emilie van Spronsen has launched a new series of designs which have been made with Bird Flu chicken byproducts.

Chickens byproducts are often used in furniture and decor for pillow stuffing or intricate mantels. For the H5N8 series, the chickens used were diagnosed with Bird Flu before being killed and reincarnated. The H5N8 series features both a stool and an urn. The stool cushion features the infected chicken feathers floating in a transparent pillow case made of bio-epoxy. While the stool is actually rigid, the shape of the cushion looks airy and soft.

For the urn, Spronsen cremated the bones or bird flu-ridden chickens before mixing the ashes with clay to create a ceramic material that could be used for 3D printing. She then printed the urn and placed the rest of the chicken bone ash inside of the masterpiece.