The 'BionicKangaroo' is a Robot That Mimics the Hopping Movements of Kangaroos

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: festo & slate
German automation technology company Festo has developed the 'BionicKangaroo', a kangaroo robot that mimics the unique biological motion of real kangaroos. Like the animal it was modeled on, the bionic kangaroo uses the kinetic energy it generates while jumping and stores it before efficiently utilizing it to pull off the next jump.

The bionic kangaroo is equipped with pneumatic and electrical drive technology to produce a dynamic system that results in a real-looking hopping motion. This roo-robot is constructed to be lightweight all over, facilitating a natural-looking jumping behavior.

Festo's bionic kangaroo doesn't merely replicate real kangaroos' physics; all its motions appear completely natural and fluid unlike the jerky and clearly human-engineered motions of less advanced bio-inspired robots.

The bionic kangaroo is operated using a gesture-control armband, which can be worn by a human controller who can control the bionic kangaroo's movements.