New Biomaterials Let Doctors Gently Sculpt Your Facial Features

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: technologyreview & gizmodo
Led by Alexander Hillel, researchers at the John Hopkins University have completed development on a half-organic, half-synthetic biomaterial that's capable of delicately reshaping the bodies soft tissues after damaging accidents or deforming diseases.

The future of plastic surgeons is uncertain, as this new tech may ostensibly nullify their purpose. The new biomaterial, as of yet unnamed, can be implanted under the skin as a liquid, moulded to specific dimensions and permanently secured into place by an LED light. Currently, there are few solutions offered to people whose lips, cheeks or soft flesh have been damaged, but this new innovation could conceivably give them a way out.

A portion of the public generally assumes that any plastic surgery is automatically an elective procedure, but some patients -- particularly after fires or car accidents -- suffer terrible stigmatization because of their appearance. The biomaterial developed at JHU is a ticket back to normalcy for them, and it could reshape the plastic surgery industry forever!