The Biloba Lounge Chair is Named After the Ginkgo Bilboba Tree

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: stouby & trendir
At first, the Biloba Lounge Chair might seem like a simple seat, and in a way it is. Yet beyond its minimalist appearance is a design inspired by something much more ancient and timeless than a person might first gather. As its name might suggest to those who love their botany, the Biloba Lounge Chair is inspired by the leaves of the Gingko Bilboba tree. Native to China, it is highly revered and thought to have originated some 270 million years ago.

Designed by Stouby, the Biloba Lounge Chair is made out of oak (natural or stained), walnut and makassar (a flowering tree from Indonesia). Its curvaceous forms appears to have been folded onto itself to create a comfortable perch. It can come in all wood or embellished with colorful cushions.