One Artist Made a Delicious Beyonce Portrait Entirely of Dessert

 - May 15, 2013
References: blog.michellesugarart
Beyonce has captured the world's collective heart for over a decade, with kids wanting to become her and adults wishing they could be her best friend. Now food artist Michelle Wibowo has created a way for the general public to admire Lady Bey up close and personal with her Beyonce portrait made entirely of delicious Oreo cake pops.

Made up of 3,780 individual cake pops, this portrait shows a fearsome and fierce Beyonce gazing up at the viewer from her bed of Oreo desserts. If the portrait wasn't so fantastic, I'd be tempted to eat the cake pops, since they're made up of crushed Oreo cookies and Philadelphia cream cheese.

The whole endeavor took six weeks of planning and eight hours of careful construction, but it was totally worth it. Beyonce has never looked tastier.