The Bevi Water Cooler Modernizes the Standard Office Appliance

 - Feb 13, 2017
Despite myriad changes in office culture and environments, the water cooler is the one thing that has remained stubbornly stagnant over the past several decades, but the Bevi water cooler hopes to change that. The office appliance offers both sparkling and flat water in a variety of different flavors, and its internet connectivity makes it easy for offices to customize without having to consult a technician.

Old water coolers did little more than the name indicates: they provided cold water. The Bevi water cooler keeps water chilled, but it offers so much more. The machine can provide carbonated or flat water, and it also comes with several different flavors including unsweetened raspberry, blueberry cucumber, coconut, orange mango, and more. All of Bevi's flavors are either free of calories, unsweetened, or organically sweetened.