These Funny Beverage Coasters Finish the Phrase 'We Go Together Likeā€¦"

 - May 15, 2014
References: fancy
If you are looking for clever ways to entertain your guests while avoiding condensation rings, these beverage coasters are a must. They will protect your wood surfaces while upping your hosting credibility when your guests get a good chuckle out of the sayings printed on them. The coaster set of 6 say 'we go together like' and finish the sentence with a variety of cute or funny sayings.

From 'we go together like rum and coke' to 'we go together like bars and puking,' these beverage coasters explore a variety of well-paired items. Whether you are stone cold sober or a messy drunk, these coasters are still comedic. The only thing that goes better together than frat guys and beer pong is you and this coaster set.