The BetHero Brazil 2014 Makes Watching the World Cup More Interesting

 - Jun 30, 2014
Those not into the game of soccer will find the remaining weeks of the World Cup slightly excruciating, yet the BetHero Brazil 2014 app can help. It is a fun and easy-to-use gambling game that raises the stakes so there is more incentive to keep on top of the rankings. After all, everyone wants to be a winner in the end.

With the knockout stages of the World Cup starting today, the BetHero Brazil 2014 app is especially good to have on hand (or on the iPhone). As written by the creators, BetHero Brazil 2014 is "designed for casual fans to have more fun watching a match by giving them skin in the game. It pitches friends against each other to predict who they think will win each match. Fans risk loosing points and social prowess instead of large sums of money."